Puzzled by Direct Marketing?
Let Us Piece Together a Plan For You

You know your product.
We know cataloging.

Hemisphere Marketing is a full–service, Kansas City based catalog agency led by nationally respected catalog expert Gina Valentino.

Creating a strong catalog is part art, part science—a process driven by an experienced, accomplished team. Bringing those pieces together is what we do. You’ll find our proven approach includes data-driven recommendations combined with catalog best practices.

Creative concepts are designed using your company’s brand attributes. Catalogs or any direct mail piece must sell off the page and have a return on investment (ROI) that can be calculated using your specific metrics.

Hemisphere Marketing can sell your products off the page or off the screen. Mail plans are developed to increase the health of your customer file and ensure strong retention rates. We harness the power of data—and then marry it to compelling creative—to deliver profits.

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